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I want muesli for breakfast
a piece of cake as well as being

but oh no
not today
just an empty packet of cereal today
the kind of discovery that destroys me in so many ways

Had to go to Waitrose
hate going to Waitrose

walks slow through the rows
and it seems
I've walked
for fucking miles
before I find the right aisle
that I was looking for in the first place

A corn field field in a horror movie
feel more like Brad Pitt in a Ritchie movie
but already knocked out

The font's way too big
crashing in
full screen
the music's far too loud

And I feel


for maybe
the beer that's still in me
Yes I'm still pretty wasted
Must be dangerous
to be this dehydrated

Really got to get back now
get back to the flat
and sharp


my brain
today at least
is overly retarded
I could be casted
for the next walking dead

I smell the part at least

Flatmates why do they always finish the fucking
the bastards
I knew I'd get to school late
Why didn't I choose
the easy option
the don't get out of bed option
the marmite on stale bread option
the leftover pizza from wednesday option

No that's gross
it's Monday again
another seven days all over again
and here I am in a supermarket aisle
when my brain
still really needs quite a while
it's fully awake
and ready
to stand and wait
at a till
before I've had my ready

Am I late? Yes I think I am

Cashier bitch, get a bloody move on

You’re wearing too much make up
you moron
Don’t stare at me and chew your gum
just sat there on your big fat bum
I didn’t ask for any of this
It’s too early for this kind of shit

I just want to have my breakfast

I'm still completely shitfaced

Too early to cope with your
supermarket nonsense
this checkout queue malarkey
this happy shopper stand in line and wait your turn
and pay
three quid
I don’t actually have on my bank card bullshit

So, I tuck the cereal packet right under my left arm
Walk straight out the open door
walk one street and then one more

And as
adrenaline floods my chest
I walk a beat faster

Enough excitement for one day